Can Vegans Eat Pasta?

How to enjoy your favourite pasta dishes.

So can a vegan eat pasta? Yes, but make sure it doesn’t contain eggs!

There are so many different types of pasta available in the shops that you can eat on a healthy plant-based diet. From buckwheat, to wholegrain, to chickpea to pasta made out legumes, the choice is huge.

Traditional pasta is made using eggs. Those on a plant-based or vegan diet do not eat eggs for ethical and or health reasons. So if you’re out shopping just check the label to make sure that the pasta you’re considering does not contain eggs or dairy.

Pasta Is Fantastic for those on a Plant-Based Diet

Because there are so many different types of pasta and because there is an endless number of delicious combinations that we can make, pasta is fantastic.

Here are just a few of the plant-based dishes that you can consider: vegan macaroni and cheese, veggie noodles with tofu, vegan spaghetti with shiitake wine sauce, creamy butternut squash fettuccini, vegan pad thai, collard green spaghetti, rigatoni with peppers and vegan sausage and the list goes on and on.

Go ahead and start enjoying new plant-based creations today.

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