Can Vegans Eat Eggs?

And are free-range eggs OK?

People on a healthy vegan or plant-based diet do not eat eggs!

Why Not?

Like millions of others, I used to buy free-range eggs. I used to do so because in my mind I had this image of happy hens that were free to roam and enjoy life and in return I got some tasty eggs to enjoy with my breakfast.
Unfortunately, as it turns out, I was seriously mistaken; I had fallen for the egg industry’s marketing ploys.

Take free-range hens for instance. Far from this chicken paradise that I used to picture in my mind, the reality is that the hens are freed from cages and released into over-crowded barns, which often don’t have windows or natural light. Also all the freshly hatched male chicks are just thrown into a shredding machine to die because we have no use for them. That is sick. Really sick.

The idea of giving animals a nice life before killing them in very dangerous indeed. This idea serves in strengthening the notion that there is an ethical way to raise and slaughter animals, which there is not.

All animals want is to be left alone. Like us, they want to experience a life that is truly free and not be subjected to pain, suffering and exploitation.
As a species, we have become so far removed from the reality of where meat and dairy actually come from that we will believe any old fairy-tale, as long as it soothes our conscience.

So the next time your thinking about eating one of the free-range eggs with a clear conscience, remember that it’s marketing and nothing more. The best course of action is not to purchase eggs or any animal products at all, but instead, embrace all the healthy plant alternatives the exist in ever-increasing amounts in today’s world.

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