Can Vegans Eat Cheese?

Kind of 🙂

Cheese is delicious. In fact, it’s not only delicious but it’s also been proven to be addictive. Before I decided to go vegan four years ago, I absolutely loved cheese on toast, cheese sandwiches and cheese topped pizzas.
When I first became vegan, I learned that cheese and dairy were probably responsible for the uncomfortable bloated feeling that seemed to be with me from the moment I woke up until the moment I want to bed.

But to be honest, I was thinking of maybe becoming vegetarian so that I could still eat eggs and cheese.

But then I also discovered the truth about dairy farming. I found out about the suffering inflicted upon cows to get the milk to create the cheese and dairy to which many of us are addicted.
I learned that cows produce milk to feed their babies and that to keep the milk flowing they had to be made pregnant every year. I didn’t realize that calves are taken away from their mothers only a few days after giving birth so that we can steal their milk. The mothers cry for their babies.

Half of the female calves enter the dairy herd to replace the worn-out dairy cows, which are culled. Half of the male calves are slaughtered or sold on for veal.

I remember being shocked when I learned these and other facts. It didn’t echo the happy cow stories that I had been led to believe while growing up.

For those like me on a vegan diet, the suffering and exploitation of dairy cows far outweighs the taste pleasure of cheese. But I still wanted to enjoy that tangy taste, I wondered if there were any vegan alternatives and found out that there were.

For me the best one is nutritional yeast. Basically, it’s a deactivated yeast and the magical part is that it tastes like cheese. You can use it to make vegan “cheese” sauces, mac & cheese and vegan Parmesan. I add it to salad dressings and to vegan spaghetti Bolognese You can find it in most health food stores.

Also lots of supermarkets and health stores have vegan cheese alternatives. It’s worth giving a couple of them a try to see if you like them, especially when you’re first making the transition and your addiction is still strong.

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