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Life-Changing Vegan Course

It’s finished and encompasses over 100 sessions, videos and pages. I’m so excited that it’s finished and ready for you to enjoy and learn.

"And Suddenly, Everything Changed" - AudioBook

7 belief-shaking encounters lead Peter to question his deep-rooted beliefs, uncover astonishing truths about plant-based diets and reclaim his health.

Learning Habit Change

A major part of my new course and something in which I have lots of experience. 

Why Go Vegan?

A major part of the new course. You’ll get motivated and see the light. 

How to Go Vegan

Part of the upcoming course. This is not your usual guide. This will motivate and empower you to make the change. 

Peace through Discipline

Always thought that self-discipline was hard work with no upside? Think again! 

Why Should I Take a Course?

When I first decided to move away from the “normal” diet that I had been eating for my entire life to a healthy plant-based diet, I didn’t really know where to start. I made loads of mistakes that could have easily thwarted my good intentions. You want to give yourself the best possible chance of success and that’s where this course comes in.

My motivation for this course was to motivate you. I’m confident that it will give you the best possible start for your new and exciting lifestyle.

Who’s it For?

It’s for everyone that is interested in making a huge difference to their health, the planet and to the treatment of animals. It’s for all those who might think it’s too hard. I’m going to show you that it’s not!

How Is The Course Structured?

This course is going to be different. Our focus is going to be on creating the desire within you to make the change. I’m going to reveal secret, simple tricks to help you make this happen. 

You’re going to prove to yourself and everyone around you that you mean business and are going to improve your life for the better, for good. 

Module 1: Why

Introduction  |  1. For Animals  |  2. For the Animals – More Media  |  3. For Our Health  |  4. For Our Health Resources  |  5. For the Environment  |  6. For the Environment Resources

Of all the modules in this course, this first Module is perhaps the most important. After all, we want to know why we are embarking on this new adventure, don’t we? When you’ve finished this module, you’ll have a burning desire to move to new green and healthy pastures 🙂 My hope is that you’ll learn so much from this module and make sure you check out the resources pages for even more motivation!

Module 2: Habit Change

1. Introduction  |  2. Identity Change  |  3. Make it Rewarding  |  4. How to Build Habits  |  6. The Best Way to Start  |  7. Environment  |  8. More on Environment  |  9. Make it Attractive |  10. Make it Unattractive  |  11. Role of Friends and Family  |  12. Momentum | 13. Make it Easy  |  14. Procrastination  |  15. Commitment Devices

Before we find out more about switching to a healthy diet, it will help us a lot to learn about how habits are formed and, perhaps most importantly, kept.

I’m really excited about this module because it provides us with a tool for making changes in all areas of our life, not just diet and health. I promise that you’ll discover a lot of new ways of implementing changes in your life. This module will also help you to kick bad habits and create new ones.

Module 3: Getting Started

Introduction | 1. Restocking Your Kitchen  |  2. Foods to Buy  |  3. Shopping Tips  |  4. Cooking Tips  |  5. Money-Saving Tips  |  6. Will it Be Expensive?  |  7. Will I Feel Hungry?  |  8. Common Pitfalls

We’re going to take a look at restocking our kitchens and cupboards. We’re going to think about the products and foods that want to remove and the new ones that we want to introduce 🙂

We’re going to discover the new healthy foods that we want to buy and explain the importance of getting the balance right. We’re also going to look at an example of a healthy plant-based grocery list and discover all the plant-based alternatives for the dairy ingredients that you’ve used in the past for cooking and baking. And much more besides….

Module 4: Delicious Recipes

Introduction |  1. Plant-Based Breakfasts  | 2. Breakfast Recipies |  3. Lunch |  4. Lunch Recipes  |  5. Dinner |  6. Dinner Recipes  |  7. Dessert  |  8. Dessert Recipes  |  9. Snacks  |  10. Snack Recipes  |  11. Meal Prep  | 12. Meal-Prep Recipes

This module is split up into 6 main sections (breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, snacks and meal prep). Each of these sections has an introduction page with some details and interesting facts about the topic being addressed in the section and a recipe page.

On each of the recipe pages, you will find suggestions for meals, links to other websites with even more recipes and links to youtube playlists, where people cook the meals for you to follow along.

Module 5: Social Situations

Introduction  |  1. Eating Out  |  2. When Invited Out  |  3. Hosting a Get Together  |  4. Going to a Larger Event  |  5. Hosting a Large Event

Module 5 is all about how to deal with social situations. You might be thinking that this module is unnecessary, but if you’re like most people that make the switch to a plant-based diet, you’ll soon discover the value of being able to navigate choppy social waters.

Module 6: Health

Introduction  |  1. Heart Disease  |  2. Type 2 Diabetes  |  3. Cancer  | 4. High Blood Pressure  |  5. Infectious Diseases  |  6. Liver Disease  |  7. Brain Diseases  |  8. Death by Doctors

This is a fantastic part of the course those interested in health, those with loved ones that are ill and looking for an alternative and for those who want to open their minds more to what is really going on in the medical system and how it is rigged in so many ways.

Module 7: Weight Loss

Introduction | 1. Why It’s Not Your Fault  | 2. How We Have Been Manipulated  |  3. Why Other Diets are Doomed to Fail  |  4. How to Defeat Your Lifelong Enemy  |  5. Why This Is The Last Diet You Will Ever Need  | 6. Basic Steps to Lasting Weight Loss  |  7. Best Ingredients for Weight Loss Revealed  |  8. The Most Important Ingredient  |  9. Non-Food Ingredients for Weight Loss  |  10. Say Goodbye to Calorie Counting  |  12. Weight Loss Recipes for Breakfast  |  13. Weight-Loss Recipes for Lunch  |  14. Weight Loss Recipes for Dinner  | 15. Protein, Calcium, Carbohydrates and Healthy Fats  |  16. 21 Weight-Loss Tips and Tricksommon Pitfalls

For some of you this Module might be the most important of the entire program. Many of us struggle with being overweight or obese and have tried over and over again to find a diet that will not only help us lose weight but to maintain it over the long term. We want a diet that does not leave us feeling hungry, that helps us lose weight and provides us with all the nutrition and goodness for more energy and health.

I really hope you enjoy this Module and that it provides you with motivation and inspiration to change your life, health and waistline for good.

Module 8: Objections

1. It’s too Extreme  |  2. It’s too Hard  |  3. What would Happen to the Animals?  |  4. Are Vegan Men Less Masculine?  |  5. No Way! I’d Always Feel Hungry?  |  6. I’m an Animal Lover  |  7. It’s My Personal Choice  | 8. Animals Eat Other Animals  |  9. Plants Feel Pain  |  10. Humans are Superior  |  11. Is Free-Range OK?  | 12. Stranded on a Desert Island  | 13. But B12!  |  14. Isn’t Being Vegetarian enough  |  15. What about Farmer’s Jobs?  |  16. But Soya Farming!  |  17. I Have Canines so I’m a Meat Eater  |  18. My Religion Says It’s OK to Eat Animals  |  19. Where Would the Fertilizer Come from?  | 20. It Will Be too Expensive  |  21. I would miss Cheese too much  |  22. Going Plant-Based Is too Hard  |  23. I Love the Taste of Meat too much  |  24. Going Plant-Based Is Too Inconvenient  |  25. Everything in Moderation  |  26. But Where Would I Get My Protein?  |  27. Eating Meat Is Traditional

“But where will you get your protein?” This is one of the first questions that you’re likely to get asked. How will you respond? This is a great module, you’ll learn so much about a plant-based diet as well as arming yourself with a great response to whatever question that crops up.

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A father of four children and already a grandfather, he’s also a passionate golfer, dancer of Argentine tango and practitioner of meditation and yoga.

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